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Meet The Williams Family

In 1985, Mark Williams and his new wife Andrea began a journey that would encompass Mark’s love for photography and Andrea’s love for people inspired by their own love for each other. Almost 30 years and over 500 weddings later they, along with their three daughters, Marielle, Julianne, and Caroline, continue the Williams family legacy of true passion for photography art, and love. “As a family, we work together in a business that we all know and love. The skills that our parents have passed on to us and continue to represent in such a successful business are quite a precedent for us to follow.” If you are looking for a senior photographer in Georgia and South Carolina that has a knack for style and lighting, all while keeping the session fun and laid back, we are the senior portrait photographer for you. We are situated at the heart of Macon, Savannah, and Augusta Georgia, but are serving numerous areas up and down the coast of Georgia and South Carolina, as well as up and down the Savannah River.

We have a very hybrid style of shooting seniors. We like for our lighting to be as natural as possible for a large portion of the shoot. We love enhancing the tones of your eyes and skin with our selections of backgrounds and sets in the studio. Then we enjoy expressing more character with the style of outdoor portraits of your preference. Whether you prefer to shoot on the family farm, in our favorite open field at sunrise, at the school gym or dance studio, prefer a classic downtown Savannah/Augusta look, or want to head to the beach, we enjoy highlighting your style in your favorite places. We often enjoy adding in amazing lighting at dusk, and in our studio to make your portraits have a unique twist. We love creating airy and organic compositions that compliment your natural beauty and preferred style. Our large studio space has a variety of textures and tones in the wood flooring, vintage props, and background options to make your senior session unique to you. We will work with you on your wardrobe to make sure the final shots are just what you are looking for. Our goal is to document you in your element, and use our lens to highlight the fun that you will have this year, and your timeless inner beauty of this time of your life that will live forever in your heart.

Caroline Williams
  • Caroline Williams

  • Photographer, Graphic Artist, Sister
  • Caroline @caroline_mws is a quickly advancing photographer and youngest member of the Mark Williams Family. Her indie style and appreciation for natural tones comes to life in her unique work. Her artistic talent and eye is a brilliant addition to the family. She typically shoots alongside Mark at weddings, but we blend our wedding day teams to best fit our clients. She enjoys riding horses (and if course taking pictures of horses), shopping online, snow skiing, snuggling with her cat and Australian Sheppard's, and representing Jesus Christ in her actions as an individual. She graduates with her Associates degree in May and will continue persuing her college career along side being an active team member here at Mark Williams Studio.
Marielle Williams Singletary
  • Marielle Williams Singletary

  • Lead Photographer, Graphic Designer, Event Designer, Sister
  • Marielle has always been a LIVE, SLEEP, EAT, and BREATHE artist. Her interests in art began as a young child. She now is a highly skilled photographer (both film and digital), oil portrait painter, charcoal sketch artist, paper stylist, wedding floral designer, and the list goes on. She loves spending time with her husband, toddler Calvin, dog Drake, and making memories with her family. She is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a BA in Art Studio. And emphasis areas in digital photography, film photography, film photo processing, and graphic design.
Mark Williams
  • Mark Williams

  • Owner, Lead Photographer, Business Manager, Daddy
  • Mark grew up in Charlotte, NC. and studied B&W photography at Myers Park High School with the best high school photography teacher in the nation, the iconic Byron Baldwin. He is first and foremost a fine art film photographer with over 35 years experience shooting film for leisure and in our portrait studio. His eye for composition, color, and light is what has led us to the knowledge of an avid photography team. He could easily skip work on any given day to hang out with his twin grandson Calvin or to take on a renovation/construction project. He also has a heart for landscaping and gardening at home and watching Duke and Carolina basketball (or any sport). He loves Georgia Bulldog football and is a (long time) Dallas Cowboys fan. He is active in church leadership roles, has served as interim youth pastor, deacon chairman at his church and has been president of his local Exchange Club for multiple terms. He is the studio computer technician and networking specialist. He (and our family) strive to share the light of Jesus Christ through his work life. He enjoys making clients happy and seeing them re-live the moments as they see their images for the first time.
Andrea Williams
  • Andrea Williams

  • Co-Owner, Public Relations, Bookkeeping, Assistant Photographer, Mama
  • Andrea, the dreamer in the family, encouraged her young, shy husband Mark to pursue his talents early in their marriage. Never in her wildest dreams could she imagine that the dreams of a young couple who simply loved creating ways to remember special times would ultimately give birth to The Mark Williams Studio Family! The credit for all of this talent can only be given to God! She earned a degree from Georgia Southern University in journalism and was born with a sincere love for people along with the ability to always give 'motherly advice'! She enjoys every moment at home and especially 'work' with her family.
Julianne Williams Blount
  • Julianne Williams Blount

  • Public Relations, Assistant Photographer, Event Designer, Sister
  • Julianne is the voice behind Mark Williams Studio. She has a deep passion for serving our clients and getting to know our brides and potential brides. Her attention to detail and composition none (you could probably say that she and Marielle are twins in the realm of photography style). Julianne is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a BS in Kinesiology. She enjoys anything that involves being outdoors, such as running, equestrian, and water skiing. And absolutely loves spending 'sister time', and of course being a wife and a mommy to MC!